Surprised by Cocktails

The Naughty Frog Brewhouse has made a name for itself with a large selection of craft beers, but what few customers may realize is the location has a selection of cocktails.

Arriving at the Naughty Frog Brewhouse, I was drawn in by the blue lighting, relaxing music and wall of beer taps and brewing tanks. I was greeted by business partners Michael and Sam—they also doubled as my bartenders that night.

Usually, I request the types of drinks I am looking for, but Michael already had three drinks he was excited for my group to try.

First up was the Hot Hadi, a sweet combination of chocolate, coffee, whipped cream and whiskey. The drink was topped with a chocolate drizzle. The Hot Ha Di was served as the name suggested, hot, and is for anyone who enjoys hot chocolate. Err on the side of caution with this one, and ask for a small to medium amount of whiskey. Do not make it dealer’s choice, otherwise, too much whiskey could prevent you from fully enjoying the drink.


Michael was excited for my group to try the Jay Chou Mojito, named after the Taiwanese pop singer and his recent hit song “Mojito.”

“The secret to this one is fresh mint and real cane sugar… I use Havana Club Rum. It is a must,” Michael said.

The mojito was slightly sweet with prominent lime and mint flavors and is best described as a taste of summertime.

Cachaca was the final drink on the list and is a popular Brazilian drink. The cocktail was similar to the mojito, with its mint and lime combination, but differed by using 51 Cachaca Spirit instead of rum. The drink was not as sweet as the mojito and gave a slightly bitter aftertaste.

The Naughty Frog Brewhouse is tucked away in Vpark in Guangcheng and is open late. Michael and Sam are quick to welcome anyone who walks through the door.

Address: No. 116 Zhongtian, Vpark Commercial Plaza, Dongcheng Avenue, Guancheng / 莞城区东城大道,中天Vpark商业 广场116号