Raising the Next Generation of Dancers in Dongguan

While dance is merely a hobby for some, Jason Zhang has turned his love for dance into a career.

As the founder of the Puzzle Dance Training Center, Jason creates the development plans for the company, makes important business decisions and controls daily operations.

His mission for the company is simple: “I want to train the future generation of young dancers and replenish the talent pool at Puzzle,” he stated confidently.

Regarding how Jason got his start in this industry, he quickly explained that he started dancing in 2005 and officially became a teacher in 2010. At first, he simply thought hip-hop was “really cool” and the dancing style attracted him very much. Eventually, his passion for dance motivated him to create Puzzle, which is an old local hip-hop training institution and hip-hop activity planning company that focuses on the bringing people together.

“I will teach according to the personality, strengths and weaknesses of each student in the group and assign them the corresponding classroom practice methods. In the end, they will take turns dancing one by one. It doesn’t matter whether they are good or bad, because the most important thing is to be able to take that first step. Then, I will tell them where to improve.”

In addition to teaching, Jason elaborated on the importance of the dance routines and choreography. His personal inspiration is derived from his favorite dancers, Physs and Ta-bo, as well as online routines that he enjoys. After learning these online routines, he adds his own style and interpretation to make it unique.

Today, Jason and the teachers at Puzzle offer an abundance of dance styles and courses, including hip-hop, popping, locking, jazz, children’s hip-hop and dance choreography.