New Band Rocking Nancheng

If you’ve been to 50 Bar Divers, you’ve probably seen the Filipino band Remix give a spectacular performance.

The band consists of vocalists Ayin and Justin, drummer Mac and keyboardist Wilhem, who met in Guangzhou and connected through their mutual passion for music and their home province, Cavite. After some time spent playing for fun and jamming together, the four decided to officially form a band and move to Dongguan in April.

Being relatively new, the band has yet to find their unique sound; however, this characteristic is what makes the band stand out and versatile in their performances. Remix has expressed that they play a variety of music, including genres such as rock, R&B and pop. Justin jokingly said the band’s style of music was anything goes.

Since the band formed five months ago, they’ve gone through some memorable experiences, such as playing in front of a couple of large crowds. Yet, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing from the start. The band had to undergo several challenges to get to where they are now.

“It was very hard at first because we needed to fit in and fix many things. For me, when I first joined this band it was a bit of a struggle. I needed to learn new things, adjust to live music and [dealing with] others’ attitudes. The fact that we are all Filipinos helped, so it all worked out smoothly. I can say it’s challenging and fun at the same time,” Justin said.

Aside from the usual struggles of forming a band, Remix had to experience three months of boredom, no work and a lot of unease. The members had to provide for their families, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of these struggles, the band feels very fortunate to have landed their first-ever gig at 50 Bar Divers.

“50 Bar Divers has been very good to us. I had a short conversation with the manager Michelle, and she wholeheartedly accepted our audition. Since then, we became not just workmates but a family. We are very lucky that 50 Bar Divers is our first bar to work with,: Justin said.

When asked about the band’s plans and goals, Justin said, “We’d like to perform at a concert and maybe be the front act. But for now, we just want to get better. We know we are a very young band compared to others, but we are getting there. The band’s main goal right now is to have continuous work—we need this for ourselves and our families.”

If you’re ever unsure of what to do with your evening, visiting 50 Bar Divers nearly any night of the week is a spectacular way to have a fun time and enjoy a live band.