Haunted House Downtown

A once highly anticipated establishment remains deserted near Bada Road. Today, a gigantic building is one of the most notorious haunted locations in Dongguan: Donghao Plaza.

Its construction was approved by the government in 1992 as one of the city’s Ten Key Projects. However, eight years later, it was completely abandoned. Rumors traveled quickly about the two developers who started this project, saying that one went mad and the other committed suicide. Residents nearby claim they can hear murmuring voices at night coming from the obsolete plaza.

Guangdong feng shui master Mr. Wong revealed that the place used to be called E Zai Ling; the place was turned into an unmarked mass-grave from the executions of Qing Dynasty criminals. The shape of Donghao Plaza resembles a colossal coffin on the ground.

Because of the Chinese Ghost Festival, young people dare to venture nervously into this dark, quiet building, drawing unusual attention to Donghao Plaza.