Go Rafting in Qingyuan

Be adventurous this month and float down a not-so-lazy river at Qingyuan Huang Teng Gorge Rafting (清远黄腾峡生态旅游区)located 2.5 hours north of Dongguan.

A 4.8-kilometer river is carved into the side of the mountain, and brave rafters can sit in an innertube boat and let the natural current carry them down. The river consists of rapids, pools and waterfalls with various levels of excitement. Be prepared for surprising water gun and splash battles.

A helmet, life jacket, innertube, elbow pads and knee pads are provided to all rafters for 298 RMB for the 4.8-kilometer river—other options are available. Though the water is mostly shallow, there is a strong current and rafting is not suited for young children.

The gorge is inside a park that is also home to the famous Qingyuan Huangtengxia Glass Corridor bridge. Brave new heights with a 500-meter view directly under your feet.

Tickets are available at the park, along with lockers and changing rooms. Have your Guang-e Health QR code ready upon arrival.

Location: Qingyuan Huang Teng Gorge Rafting, QingCheng, Qingyuan