Educator’s Voice: Adapting to the Era

Michael Hallett adapts his teaching style to online learning amidst obstacles, ensuring that his students achieve a wholesome learning experience.

Teacher:  Michael Hallett
From: Northwest England
School: EtonHouse International School
Subjects: Math, Writing, etc.

What’s your experience with online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I am fortunate to have been back at school since May. However, the changes provided some fresh challenges of their own. From wearing masks to social distancing in the classroom, teachers had to adapt our teaching style to best suit the needs of each individual student and keep them safe during these unprecedented times. Since Chinese New Year, I had to adapt to online teaching within China and back home in the UK… overcoming time zone differences, enabling my students to complete their respective curriculum, and making practical tasks using resources they could access anywhere. The quality of work surpassed many expectations and it has undoubtedly encouraged me to reflect on, and adapt, my teaching style.

If you had to describe a teacher’s job as an animal, what animal represents you the best?

As an animal, I would say that a teacher’s job role could be linked to the attributes of an octopus. Octopuses are very unique creatures that can change and adapt to their surroundings. As a teacher, it would also be handy to have eight arms in order to multi-task and help as many students as possible at once.

 What’s the first thing you did on your return-to-campus day?

August 24 marked the first day back to school for the 2020-21 academic year. It was nice to see our children return after the summer break and welcome the new kindergarten students as they embark on their very own journey at EtonHouse.