DG World Cup is Back

The second Dongguan World Cup is in full swing and is expected to begin in October. Eight teams are planning to join: Spain, Brazil, Nigeria, England, International, China, Little Germany and Italy. As the previous year’s reigning champions, the Italy team is looking forward to their triumphant return for this year’s games.

Considering COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, it was relatively difficult to gather the teams after the pandemic, but the league intends to create more teams and participants for the games.

“I hope that all seven of our original teams can take part in the competition. New teams have joined on a year-round basis. It is also hoped that we can organize a German team to join the game,” Stefanie Rao, the DG World Cup’s main organizer and event founder, said.

The goal of this year’s World Cup is to uphold public welfare first, promote international football exchanges and increase the connection between Dongguan and the world.

Spectators can watch the games for free, so be prepared to go out and support your local teams for the next DG World Cup!