Cherry Picking Meal

lluminated by neon lights, CherryPickED in Nancheng has a local bar feel and is not suspected as a restaurant until a closer look is taken of the menu.

A few dining tables are placed in the front, but the further in you go, the restaurant transitions into a cocktail/lounge bar.

The menu offers a variety of standard food options: burgers, pizzas, salad and local dishes. The prices are reasonable for Western-fusion food, with dishes averaging 35 RMB to 45 RMB.

My group and I worked our way down the menu and started with the chef salad. It was a basic salad with lettuce and tomatoes tossed in a ranch sauce, with mango and orange pieces added as a twist. It was an easy option as a starter. I noticed a lot of emphases put into how the food looked on the plate—this was a running theme throughout the night and was surprising for a bar.

Cherry-PickED Special Mixed Snack

The perfect dish to share was the special mixed snack (platter), which—as the name suggested—was a plethora of snacks. Neatly assembled on a plate were beef strips, chicken wings, bacon-wrapped asparagus, onion rings and prawn chips. I was not overly impressed by the onion rings, which were more of a battered and fried paste, leaving me to ask the question, “Where are the onions?”

Black Truffle Chicken Pasta

However, the rest of the snack platter would go well next to a drink, and CherryPickED has its drinks down to an art. They recommended the MengPo soup. The MengPo soup was a delicious mix of honey gin, passion fruit, lime juice, apple juice and elderflower syrup served in a bowl with a floating passion fruit half and gold flakes.

The black truffle chicken pasta was the cheapest and possibly the best dish of the night. The sauce was thick but did not overtake the truffles. The only setback was the rubbery chicken pieces.

Australian Scallops with Crab Roe

The Australian scallops with crab roe and mushrooms ended the meal. The scallops were enjoyable and lightly fried, but the mushrooms were tough with a chewy texture.

Cherry-PickED recently celebrated its first anniversary and is best left as a bar first and restaurant second. However, if you are in the area and want a drink and a cheap meal, give it a try.