Working to Become an Instagram Phenomenon

With a mixture of inner and outer beauty, Sisdon has amassed an estimated 35,000 followers on Instagram as a freelance model and transgender influencer. Sisdon is originally from Hunan but lived in Dongguan while attending university before moving to Guangzhou.

When browsing her Instagram “freelance model,” and “I’m a ladyboy or trans” are in the description, fearlessly showing she is true to herself. Her Instagram is accompanied by photos of her showing life moments and acts as a portfolio of her modeling abilities.

“I wanted to start managing myself to become a phenomenon. That was my first purpose,” Sisdon said about creating posts on her Instagram and being a freelance model.

She opened her Instagram account in 2013 but officially began posting three years ago. She modestly said she is not yet a phenomenon but hopes to someday be the top in her identity when compared with similar characters on Instagram.

Her advice to those who want to become influencers is simple and direct: “You will have to find your specialty and use the specialty to promote it.”