This Dongguan Village is 700 Years Old!

Situated not far from Dongjiang River, Jiangbian Village in Qishi is a place with a long history.

It is where famous government official Hai Rui from the Ming Dynasty stayed; where Guangdong anti-Japanese guerilla forces placed a secret point of contact during the war; and where 5,000 to 6,000-year-old shell mound ruins lay.

Jiangbian Village was established during the Yuan Dynasty more than 700 years ago. Two-hundred-forty-two ancient buildings from the village’s time of origin are well-preserved on ancient intersecting streets. Jiangbian Village has survived disastrous events, leading many of its villagers to believe the village has an auspicious feng shui.

Temples, watchtowers and residential houses manifest themselves in strong Lingnan architectural designs from wood, stone carvings and limestone. Among 13 temples, the Huang family temple is the largest, the oldest and arguably the most impressive, taking up 654 square meters.

Address: Yanhe Road, Jiangbian Village, Qishi Town / 企石镇江边村沿河路 / Or take bus line No. 316 near Liuhua Subway Station.