Singing Makes Her Happy

Ye Xiao Ting is not afraid of criticism, saying life gets in the way when it comes to following her passion as a singer.

From a young age, Ye’s confidence developed through performing on stage and being in the spotlight. While she adopted various hobbies at home, her number one choice was to sing. Her admiration towards successful singers and her self-affirmation pushed her to excel in singing. However, Ye never imagined that her passion would eventually turn into a career.

“I didn’t think of being a singer when I finished college, but I had such considerations. Before I became a singer, I did some very ordinary jobs. Later, my friend introduced me to a chain of Taohuayuan restaurants,” Ye explained. “I also worked in the education industry last year, but I discovered that the education industry didn’t make me as happy as my singing career. My personality is following a path that makes me happy.”

Ye chooses to live her life with no complete plan, but she is currently dedicated to working hard and committed to her singing career.

Last year, Ye could be found singing in Shenzhen. Now, she can be seen with a microphone in hand at one of the two Coconut Chicken restaurants (Yin Xiang Si Ji Ye Zi Ji) branches. One branch in the Dongcheng Wanda Plaza and another at the First International Shopping Center, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, singing popular songs for each night’s crowd. She is also seen playing sets at Brew Lab.

When asked about her taste in music, she elaborated by saying she sings covers that relay emotion and depth. She mentioned one of her all-time favorite singers, Jay Chou.

“His songs are full of the memories of childhood ignorance. In fact, I used to simply listen to the melody of the songs. Now, I am more connected to the emotional side of the songs as a professional singer. Only now do I realize that the lyrics written by Jay Chou are sincere and meaningful.”

As a final encouragement to aspiring singers, Ye comes back pursuing a passion. “I believe that constantly believing in yourself and improving your skills can definitely help you make progress in any career you choose.”