Shilong Weighs in on Museum

Shilong launched official preparations to expand and renovate the weightlifting museum at the Shilong Sports School. Within the museum are displays that tell the story of famous weightlifters. Additional relics are being gathered and will be on display at the new museum.

The museum will maintain the current building’s historic features and become an improved environment for weightlifters to train.

Titled the “Town of Weightlifting” in 1984 by the Guangdong government, Shilong is the birthplace of Chen Jingkai, the first Chinese athlete to break a world record. After breaking the weightlifting world record on June 7, 1956, he went on to break the weightlifting record an additional 11 times. It is also home to numerous other famous weightlifters such as Zeng Guoqing and Chen Jingkai’s own nephew, Chen Weiqiang.