Meet a KOL Who Gives Comedic Comments

Head over to Bilibili to enjoy Chace Chen’s (陈乳西) comedic videos, as she entertains her loyal fans with film and television reviews, commentary, song covers and life vlogs.

As the personality and face of her channel, which garners 54,000 fans and 184,000 likes, Chen emits a satirical yet hilarious energy in all of her videos.

With establishing her social media presence, Chen is only starting to feel the impact of her videos.

“I understand that the title of ‘social media influencer’ is a bit overused and redundant. For me, it didn’t have much of an impact until recently, when my channel has been doing really well. I just want to say thank you to all of my supportive fans. The videos I’ve posted have truly given me a sense of identity,” she said.

Her most popular uploads are her reviews. Chen believes that her fans enjoy the reviews, since her comments are always extremely direct, unfiltered and resonate with 21st century social media users. Her authenticity and love for creating videos has allowed her to view her social media content as a passion and a job.