Looking for Art Classes? Try This Studio Out!

Open daily from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm, Inshine Art is an art studio that provides lessons on a variety of different art forms from painting and sketching to pottery and DIYs. The studio relocated to its current location in Yong Hua Ting last year in June.

“Inshine Art is an art studio focusing on life aesthetics. We firmly believe that teaching how to fish is better than simply giving fish. From the start to the completion of the art, students work on it completely by themselves,” Lucy Lu, owner of Inshine Art, said.

The art studio has received numerous positive reviews on the app Dian Ping (大众点评). Many of the reviewers mentioned how, despite having no experience with painting, they immensely enjoyed themselves and were proud of the art they made. The age range of the reviews varied, with some reviewers mentioning how enjoyable the experience was for their children.

If Inshine Art has piqued your interest, the price range of the classes goes from ¥68 to ¥228 depending on the type of art chosen.

Address: 1st Floor, Shop B10, Yong Hua Ting, Dongcheng