Join Dongguan’s Carpooling Community

​Want to explore more of Dongguan, but don’t want to pay outrageous amounts for a car ride?

The WeChat group Carpooling 拼 车 is putting people in touch with fellow travelers heading the same direction as you. Group members share a departure point with meeting time and destination for a DiDi and split the car fare.

“I made the group because I was sick of dropping 100 RMB to go to Dongcheng and dropping another 100 RMB to get back home. I thought other people may have the same issue,” Chris King, Carpooling 拼车 founder, said. Chris speaks from experience by living in Chang’an. He added this could be a great resource for foreigners in Dongguan to see more and save money.

The group also shares ride deals around town such as bars who will pay for a DiDi if a certain number of people take a car together. The group also lets members know if someone with a car is heading in the direction of those needing a ride.

Rides are mainly limited to Dongguan and the surrounding areas.

To join the Carpooling WeChat group, please add Chris King at chrisking42 WeChat ID.