Inspiring “Ah-Ha!” Moments

Wims Williams has over 10 years of teaching experience and has lived in Dongguan since 2015. When he is not teaching, he is doing his favorite hobby—playing sports.

Teacher: Wims Williams
From: Toronto, Canada
School: Williams English Training Center

What inspired you to become a teacher?

Frankly speaking I never thought of becoming a teacher. As a child, I had the usual ambitions: doctor, scientist, pilot, movie star, etc. When I went to university, I decided to do media communications because I felt that it would maximize my opportunities. I remember reading the Bible to little kids every Sunday during Sunday School and I loved it. I also remember assisting the pastor in my local church.

When you teach someone something, there’s this moment, we call it the “ah-ha moment,” when they understand, and they get excited that they understand. Seeing that in kids and adults was such an inspiring moment for me.

What is the most special Teachers’ Day gift? Why is it so special?

Several years ago I received a special gift from my least expected student. A handmade piggy bank. Coming from the school’s most stubborn student made it super special. After a frictional start in our relationship, we later worked together to build a relationship of trust.

What is the best part of being a teacher? 

My most rewarding moment is always seeing the evidence I’ve made an impact on my students’ lives. In reality this reward on its own seems to be my biggest drive ever. Making me want to be the best teacher I can be for myself, my school and my dear students.

I also find it quite rewarding to go to work and be surrounded by love all around me! With lots and lots of hugs, fly kisses and the instant smile on my face when my students say, “I love you.”