DG Expat Makes Waves on Douyin

With 16 years of diverse life experience in China, Armin Bohnstedt, known on Douyin as Armin AKS (亞明昂克絲), is gaining quite the following with his situational videos.

His videos include exchanges between him and his children, such as creative techniques for waking them up in the morning or checking they are drinking enough hot water, and comical business dinners with his Chinese colleagues.

“Initially I had many requests by my Chinese friends to share my life experiences in China and to do it entirely in mandarin. That progressed further by adding my family and business experience,” Armin said.

Armin is relatively new to Douyin and began posting videos in May 2020. It took him about a month to gain a 5,000-person following. He now has an estimated 20,700 followers, and posts two videos each week.

His advice to those wanting to become a KOL is to be yourself. “Have passion in what you do, share your advice and expertise readily and expect nothing but satisfaction in return.”