CaoCao is a Greener Choice for Travel

You might have seen a fleet of standard white BYD electric cars around town with the green and black CaoCao branding. If DiDi is the number one car hailing app in China, you may be wondering what separates CaoCao from its competitors.

CaoCao was created with the idea of being environmentally friendly. Reducing your carbon footprint can be difficult, often being waylaid for the price of convenience. CaoCao has endeavored to bridge this gap by providing customers with emission free vehicles, boasting its zero-pollution policy on many of the company’s advertisements.

Dubbed the first low-carbon mobility brand in the country, CaoCao promises a safer and more personal ride experience, while also giving you space to feel good about doing your bit for the environment. A customer is guaranteed a similar experience with each ride due to the same type of vehicle used. You can download the app from most app stores or simply scan the QR code on any CaoCao advertisement. Creating an account is straightforward, taking only a few minutes and requiring the standard personal information for a ride hailing service.

Requesting a pick-up is done much in the same fashion as other services, with a pick-up and drop-off location. Those who do not read or write Chinese might have difficulties at first due to the Chinese interface, but locations can be selected on a map.

A final and noticeable aspect of CaoCao was the price difference between it and more renowned ride hailing services. CaoCao is slightly cheaper. This may not mean much for a single journey, but a repeated user can expect the small savings to add up.

Upon arrival the majority of the drivers are courteous and welcoming, with only one of my drivers being slightly engrossed in his phone.

The cars are clean, each outfitted with scented air fresheners, and the dim hum of the energy efficient engine acts as a subtle reminder of your conscientious nature. With high quality vehicles and experienced drivers, this is a welcoming addition to the ride hailing arena.