Not Your Average Dive

50 Bar Divers is nestled on the corner of Central Square Park. The nightly light show on Hongfu Road can be watched from behind the bar. Nautical themes adorn the walls; a sailboat suspended from the ceiling, oxygen tank beer kegs and a deep-diver helmet are just some of the decorations.

I stopped to browse the dive gear for sale at the entrance before bellying up to the bar. I was greeted by shop manager Mizu Li and told her I wanted to sample three very different cocktails that were original to 50 Bar Divers.

Easing into the game by offering a lot of sweetness and a little alcohol was the first drink, Open Water Diver. A mixture of rum and herbal liqueur, the drink was ideal for a hot afternoon and is recommended for someone who wants to sip something easy.

Trimix Cocktail

When I requested three different drinks, the bartender did not disappoint and went from one extreme to another. The second drink, Thermocline, was a strong and bitter mixture of Asahi, brandy, fresh ginger and lemon. I thought the drink would be another sweet one, but my reaction was pure surprise as I took a gulp of the bitter concoction. The after taste of ginger was very prominent.

Thermocline Cocktail

Thermocline Cocktail

I felt like Goldilocks in this story, because the third drink was just right. Trimix was the perfect combination of not too sweet and not too bitter and is a fancy take on whiskey sour. The drink combines Aperol, egg whites, elderflower syrup, Laphroaig Scotch and lemon juice. It has a slightly sour taste with a smoky aftertaste.

Along with a cocktail, enjoy music from the house band, Remix, who plays every night except for Mondays.

Wednesday night is ladies’ night, which means two free drinks for ladies just for walking in.

Discover a not so average dive bar at 50 Bar Divers.

Address: No. A06~A07, Guanxiang Famous Brand Commercial Street, Nancheng / 南城区莞香名牌商业街A06~A07号