Cocktails and Ink at this Dongguan Bar

Upon entering Bar Ink my eyes are drawn to a tattooed (painted) replica of the Venus de Milo statue standing next to the bar. Modern takes on classical art are seen on the walls and are reflective of owner and tattoo artist Yoyo Zhong’s style and her appreciation for tattoo culture.

The bar opened in October 2019 and has since become a popular spot for food and drinks among the expat community. Head bartender Lin Xian welcomes me and soon starts helping my group decide on what drinks to order. As usual, I ask for three very different drinks to see how versatile the bar is.

First up was Kiwi Dream, a healthy spin on a vodka-based drink. Imagine adding vodka to your detox smoothie. This drink was a combination of kiwi, pineapple juice, apple juice and cucumber syrup. Avocado was also thrown into the mix giving the drink its thick consistency. The alcohol was not too strong in this drink, but being a smoothie lover, I found it enjoyable.

Kiwi Dream

Next was Captain Morgan’s Garden Tea. Lin said this drink was a best seller at the bar and is a mix of tea-infused Captain Morgan rum, tea liqueur, apple juice, lemon juice, bitters and was topped with a cinnamon stick. With the first sip, I thought the drink was okay, but the taste that lingered was a weird combination of apple, cinnamon and spiced rum.

Captain Morgan’s Tea Garden

The final drink of the night was a modern take on an old-school drink. Vampire takes a Bloody Mary and changes vodka for tequila and half of the tomato juice for orange juice. Of course, it kept the Bloody Mary signature celery stick, but added red pepper. Instead of celery salt the drink was spiced up more with Cajun seasoning on the rim of the glass.


Along with drinks, Bar Ink has a respectable food menu offering items from beef burgers to pasta. However, remember you are going to a cocktail bar so expect pay cocktail prices with drinks around 68 RMB and up.

Address: No.3 Block 26, 33 town, Dongcheng / 东莞市东城33小镇26栋103铺