City Plans Garbage Sorting

A draft for a three-year action plan on garbage classification in Dongguan was presented on May 8 at a 2020 Dongguan Municipal Solid Waste Classification and Refined Management Promotion Conference.

Garbage classification demonstration areas are being set up around the city including Dongcheng, Nancheng and Wanjiang. The demonstration areas are to educate the public on garbage sorting. A four-color coding system will be introduced according to national and Guangdong provincial guidelines: blue for recyclables, red for hazardous waste, green for household food and black for residual waste.

The plan includes upgrading or rebuilding 600 garbage transfer stations city-wide within a period of two years. A city comprehensive garbage center will be built in 2022 to enhance the results of garbage sorting. By 2025 the city hopes to achieve urban and rural integration of household waste classification.