A Group Experience with Cantonese Fusion

The stylish yet comfortable environment of HollyII was undeniable at first glance. Through the glass exterior, customers can get a peek into the kitchen, where chefs are filling dumplings or chopping duck meat. It was evident that this Cantonese restaurant captivated young adults and families alike, especially due to the combination of modern interior design and traditional Chinese features.

Established in 2016, HollyII was named after a little girl in order for customers to bond with the restaurant. Joe Xie, the marketing manager, introduced a new sixperson menu at HollyII that my group got the joy of sampling.

“From the plating to the ingredients, our chefs are very specific. We like to combine western ingredients to make the dishes distinctive,” Joe said.

The restaurant manager of HollyII, Jayden Cheng, elaborated on the quality of the food and the overall setting.

For starters, three cold dishes were served on the round table. One of my favorites was the iced clams with passion fruit lemon dressing, which had an unusual yet pleasant taste.

Sliced Suckling Pig

A variety of main dishes quickly followed. Six pieces of sliced suckling pig with foie gras was presented on a rectangular plate with dry-ice steam poured over to add to the appearance. This sweet and savory dish was a one-bite wonder, including a slice of fresh melon in the center and a crispy pastry base.

Hot Stone Beef Rib

Another delicious dish was the hot stone beef rib, which was sliced delicately and placed carefully next to the rib bone. Instantly, this dish provided a rich meat flavor with a hint of sweetness. To lessen the rich flavor, each of us drank a small glass of a mint and lemon-based palette cleanser.

One of the most intriguing dishes was the lychee shredded chicken, since the chefs removed all the bones from the chicken. With a light drizzle of lychee dressing, this dish was the perfect representation of HollyII chefs’ ability to intermix different culinary ingredients to create new flavors.

Since the menu was for six people, it is impossible to include a proper description of each dish in such a short word count. You will have to try the Cantonese fusion dining experience for yourself by visiting HollyII with family or friends.

Address: No. 8-10, 1st Floor, Vanke Mall, Qi Feng Road, Guangcheng | 莞城旗峰路万科城市广场一楼, 8-10号