Start Your Engines at This Outdoor Go-Kart Track

The Dongguan Daojiao Racing Competition Outdoor Stadium is currently the main entertainment and competition venue for car racing. It is also Dongguan’s largest go-kart track with the approximate size of four football fields. The venue is located near the riverside in the Daoba Caibai Industrial Zone.

“All customers and friends who come to the racing track can spread positive energy towards the collective passion for racing. Everyone can learn more about the karts, understand racing, and contribute to promoting China’s racing career and culture,” Chen Daxing, the owner of the go-kart track, said.

The total length of the track is about one kilometer, and the stadium provides different kart options: adult recreational vehicles, children’s karts, two-seater doubles, two-stroke sports cars and member sports cars. The engine power can be adjusted from an entry-level to a competitive level range. Additionally, the stadium is equipped with free helmets and disposable or cotton hoods.

For enthusiastic go-kart riders, the eight-minute ride costs 100 RMB and the stadium is open daily from 10 am to 11:30 pm.

Address: Caibai 2nd Street, Caibai Industrial Park, Daojiao Town / 广东省东莞市道滘镇蔡白工业区蔡白二街