Knock Out Grammar

Now that you are clear on all the reasons why you want to learn a language, it is time to get down to the bare-bones and tackle grammar.

It is time to create an approach that will help you master grammar, so let us not waste any time. Here is the most effective way a speaker needs to get accustomed to one of the most difficult parts of language learning.

Chunk it down:
Chunking down grammar is the scientific approach—it is like learning about the human skeleton from the small toes to the skull.

I recommend you start by learning the tenses. Why? Because as a learner, you need to know how to tell a story first, and this requires tenses. Second, you need to know how to use pronouns, determiners and prepositions. Finally, study the functions of adjectives, adverbs and nouns.

Knowing the skeleton of a language is so critical when building sentences. You want to speak the language in a coherent manner, so when you speak to native speakers, they say, “Yes! I do not need a decoder to understand this foreigner.”

Your brain assimilates new concepts faster and better if grammar is learned in a chunked down manner.

Here are the different tools used to examine the skeleton:

1. Grammar book—It is old school but very reliable, and you cannot go wrong. It explains to you step-by-step the engine of the language. Using a grammar book is my favorite method since I am a linguistic type of learner.

2. Self-learner books—Go for the colloquial language series for instance. The 12 or so lessons take you through a watered-down grammatical journey that will help you understand the basics of grammar.

3. Teacher Textbook—You can use these books to study your language; however, they are not self-explanatory and, therefore, harder to understand. They are designed for an independent language learner.

4. YouTube—You can find on YouTube teachers, or teachers-to-be, who present the main structure of the language for you to understand. They really can be of great help.

5. Language Apps—God bless the 21st century and smartphones. Thanks to new technology, you can effectively learn grammar at the tip of your fingers, anywhere, anytime.

Keep in mind that you do not have to learn the full skeleton overnight. It may take a few weeks or months, but if you are going to be a language learner (the chameleon way), you want to keep this approach in place.

Remember: Study anywhere, get somewhere.

Anthony Permaye, or the Language Chameleon, is a certified neuro-language coach, who offers a unique learning foundation that teaches individuals how to learn any language anywhere.