Food for Thought

With a combination of storytelling, authentic vlogs and food b-roll, videographer Gao Ye (糕爺) has captured the in-and-outs of a Dongguan lifestyle while amassing a loyal Douyin audience of 15,500 people.

Although he currently has an enthusiastic fanbase, Gao Ye explained that a negative comment was the initial inspiration for his videography career.

“When people were starting to watch my videos, another videographer from another city asked me, ‘Dongguan is such a good area, but why is your content so bad?’ This sentence stimulated me to produce better quality content on Douyin.”

Gao Ye said he does not believe that he is a so-called “Douyin influencer,” but simply a photographer who wants other people to see Dongguan through his eyes. His motivation has always been to create unique content and a storyline that highlights life in Dongguan.

Gao Ye expressed his advice to others who might embark on a Douyin career: “For me, I personally believe that Douyin is just a great way to keep a record of life.”