Dongguan’s Military Airport

Dongguan serves as a major hub for manufacturing and distributing goods but does not have an airport.

There used to be a military airport on the border of Houjie and Humen referred to as Baihao Airport. Chen Jitang, a Guangdong warlord, expropriated land from Houjie Baihao Village and hired its villagers to begin construction in 1931. The airport took up an area of 20 square kilometers. Seven years after its construction, the airport survived Japanese bombing.In the 1960s, part of the airport was converted for agricultural use.

In 1965 and 1966 Dongguan suffered a severe insect outbreak and agricultural planes were deployed from the airport to drop pesticides on the crops. Villagers went to the airport in the evenings to see the planes on the airfield. Planes were rare at that time.

The area where the airport used to sit has become unrecognizable and was replaced by the Dongguan Express Ring Road.