Become a Better Batter

Better Batter is a baseball batting cage in an industrial style building that provides an immersive batting experience and coaching.

“We found that baseball is such a joyful and special sport compared to others. I joined some baseball clubs in Shenzhen and hoped to bring this entertaining sport to my hometown, Dongguan.” Clint Zhou, a Better Batter owner, said.

Batters stand at homeplate facing a projection screen that displays a baseball field, with animated players and a pitcher’s mound. A ball is projected from the top of the pitcher’s mound for the batter to hit. For only 20 RMB, you can get 18 hard foam balls pitched to you.

There are four tees: one for practicing and the others equipped with pitching machines for you to choose the speed, mode and level.

After perfecting your game, grab some beers and have a chat with your friends at the Better Batter Bar.

Address: No. D103, Longchang Creative Park, No. 26 Qian Tou, Hantang St., Dongcheng / 广东省东莞市堑头汉塘街26号龙昌微创园D栋103(近理工学院莞城校区后门)