Apply for Visa Extension

​With the 60-day automatic visa extension coming to an end for those on an M business visa, a 30-day residence permit is being offered; however, this one must be applied for.

This is an official 30-day residence permit and will not cancel a current business visa. Applicants must register at their local police station for a Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors. Applicants need their apartment contract, proof of residency letter, a passport photo with a blue background, along with passport, current visa and last entry stamp originals and copies. The Guang-e QR code is also needed. An additional form must be filled out once at the police station.

With registration form, blue background, passport photos, passport and visa with copies in hand, go to the Public Security Bureau. Have the Guang-e QR code ready upon entry. An application for a temporary residence permit must be filled out. Take a number and wait for the number to be called.

Once at the desk, hand over the papers and passport. A profile picture is taken and applicants are given a receipt to show when their temporary residence permit is ready to be picked up 10 days later. Applicants should expect to pay 160 RMB for the permit when it is picked up.