A Star Who Sings and Plays the Strings

Anyone given the opportunity to see Annfar Yuan will quickly realize she is a natural and fearless talent who is at home on the stage singing or playing the violin.

A certain flair is seen when she performs and interacts with audience members.

By what seems to be a trend in China, Yuan’s inspiration to play the violin, along with her introduction to music, came from pop idols. She recalled seeing the 2001 Taiwanese TV show “Meteor Garden,” which featured the boy band F4, renamed JVKV in 2007. One of the members was a violinist.

“There was this handsome guy and he was playing the violin, and I thought ‘Oh my gosh, he is so amazing.’ That is why I tried to learn the violin,” Yuan joked about her adolescent heartthrob.

Looking back, she laughs at the idea, adding it was a long time ago and she was 11 years old. Little did she know that was the starting point of her music career; however, she is her biggest critic by saying 11 years old was an age that was too old to ever reach a professional level on the violin.

“If you really want to learn and be good at the violin, you have to study at 4 or 5 years old… Actually, my violin is not that great, I like singing better,” Yuan said modestly.

Having her first taste in music, she went on to explore her vocal talents, saying she sings for the simple reason of loving music.

During the interview, she tried to remember the English name of her favorite song and began humming the melody with perfect pitch. The song was instantly recognizable as Bill Withers’s “Just the Two of Us.”

A major in music theory taught her a classical appreciation for singing, but she credits Batou for giving her an education on stage in 2014.

“I used to sing at Batou. I sang there for over two years… Before I went to Bautou I didn’t know how to sing (pop songs),” Yuan said.

She is often seen performing at bars in Dongcheng’s 33 Town with her band Yuyin Culture and is a lounge singer (by request) at the Hillview Golf Club.