A Retrofitted 1950s Diner

Walking through the doors of Ziggy’s Retro Diner reminds one of being on a movie-set from a 1950s American sitcom. This unique diner is decorated with Coca-Cola signs, black and white tiles, red vinyl seats, a bar and comes complete with a jukebox.

I was warmly greeted by the owner, Mitchell Perrine (or Mitchie, as he likes to be called), who quickly offered my dining party a booth. “It’s a family atmosphere. A lot of our friends would come down, and this is like their meeting place,” he said.

Meat Lovers

Meat Lovers Pizza

The first dish was a Bartolini’s meat lovers pizza, a favorite at the diner. Perrine explained Bartolini’s pizzas are popular in Dongguan, and Ziggy’s acquired the coveted recipe. There is a specific formula to the number of meat chunks on each slice. The combination of different toppings, including pepperoni, bacon and ham, brought an exquisite effect. A string of melted cheese accompanied each bite.

Following the pizza came the double colossal burger with a side of seasoned hand-cut fries. The juices of the patty oozed out of the burger as soon as I took the first bite, revealing the rich flavor.

double colossal burger

Double Colossal Burger

For individuals that can take on a bit of spice, Ziggy’s chili hot dawg is the go-to dish. This take on chilidogs has the right amount of seasoning to demand respect from spice-lovers without being overpowering. For a lighter meal option, go with the eggs Benedict: poached eggs on an English muffin, avocado and salmon lox topped with Hollandaise sauce.

Ziggy’s Chili Hot Dawg

What is a trip to an all-American diner without a banana split?

Ziggy’s Retro Diner did not disappoint. A chocolate sauce base was topped with three scoops of ice cream (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry), three cherries and a split banana on each side. Peanuts were sprinkled on top. The banana split is a highlight for any sweet tooth.

Perrine shared the diner’s special regarding the issue of distance between Dongguan center and Chang’an.

“Bring along two other friends from Dongguan, and I’ll pay for your Didi,” Perrine promised.

Address: No.293 Dezheng Road Chang’an Town / 东城东路9号