Try a Refreshing Take on Vietnamese Food

Le Boui-Boui combines taste, quality and consistency with a refreshing take on their Vietnamese inspired dishes. Le Boui-Boui is a French expression referring to a “greasy spoon” or “street vendors,” and owner Ambre ‘Jin’ Dong pulls inspiration from her home city, Paris.

“Back in Paris I used to go every weekend to my favorite, and by far the best, banh-mi shop in Chinatown ‘hidden’ in a tiny Vietnamese bookstore. As I couldn’t find any option in Dongguan, I thought why not open my own shop,” Jin said.

She wanted to share the flavors and experience of this unique food. The menu is made of light but flavorful banh-mi and bo-bun options, with lemongrass beef or chicken. A cold cut special banh-mi was added to the menu.

Le Boui-Boui offers vegan options such as tofu banh-mi or bo-bun and Omnipork (a 100 percent plant based “pork meat”) banh-mi or bo-bun. They also have gluten intolerant options. Le Boui-Boui is available by delivery on Meituan or ordering from the restaurant directly, 11 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday.