This Bar Brings Back Baijiu

Discover a modern spin on a traditional drink at this baijiu bar in Dongguan.

When walking into Erma Pub, the lights and music are enticing as the neon glow reflects off the walls. The Sichuan-style bar specializes in alcohol unique to China: baijiu. The bar has the traditional feel of a Chinese bar that was modernized. It offers an experience to all drink connoisseurs.

There are three floors and a rooftop lounge, which is open in the summertime. The bar is difficult to miss when entering 33 Town, in Dongcheng. It is a detached brick building with a giant ceramic panda statue on the outside (the second largest ceramic panda in the area). The panda is a recurring theme for the bar.

Faint Tea Cocktail

Faint Tea

To start the night, we had Faint Tea. This pleasant mixture is made simply of green tea and baijiu with a bamboo leaf garnish. It tasted just like green tea and did not taste of alcohol. I had to ask if there was liquor in it and, sure enough, there was. This drink can easily sneak up on unsuspecting consumers.

Nine Bottles Cocktail

Nine Bottles

The next drink we had is coined Nine Bottles—a rice wine that is served in ceramic bowls and comes in nine matching ceramic bottles with a cloth lid. I must say that it is sweet with a honey and slightly fruity taste, but do not be fooled. It is pure alcohol, and the sweet drink will creep up on you.

We were told by the bar manager, Qing Qing, it is polite to tap the table while your drink is being poured as a way to say, “Thank you.” We did this as she poured the drinks and explained each one.

Panda Alcohol God Cocktail

Panda Alcohol God

To finish up our round, we were served an Oreo drink in a white ceramic bowl. It was a combination of Oreos, milk and baijiu. This black and white drink is given the fitting name the Panda Alcohol God, reflecting the obvious theme of the bar. It reminded me of an adult milkshake and something that should substitute for breakfast.

Erma Pub is definitely a place to go with a group of friends for amazing drinks, good music and a night out. Be sure to ask for Qing Qing; she will make sure you are good to go.

Address: Building 3, 33 Town, Dongcheng / 东城区33小镇3栋