Lessons Learned From Mom

When I was a child, my mom always worked at least one job, but quite often she held two or three. Those jobs had something to do with sales due to her good communication skills and outgoing personality. She worked with people through kindness and empathy. I learned a lot from her.

My mother raised three children. My dad was a truck driver for most of my childhood, which meant we saw him mostly on weekends since he came home late on weekdays. Me being quite wild and curious, I did not make it easy for my mom, as I was noisy and got into trouble often. Luckily for her, my grandparents from both sides were there to help. They lived close and took care of the children several times a week after school.

After reading the story of six career women in Dongguan for the HERE! May cover story, it became evident that most successful mothers surround themselves with a strong supportive circle the same way my mom did.

As we approach Mother’s Day, we should all think about our moms and appreciate them for being there through thick and thin. I believe that we should openly appreciate moms every day of the year and not only for one day, which has become commercial over the past 100 years.

Mother’s Day is a reminder to all children about the importance of the often-underappreciated role moms plays in their children’s lives.