Guangdong Addresses Discrimination

The People’s Government of Guangdong’s Foreign Affairs Office released an official statement against the alleged unequal treatment of foreigners reported in the province.

“We firmly oppose any discriminatory practice against specific individuals or groups, and allow zero tolerance for discriminatory remarks and deeds,” the announcement said.

It went on to give examples of businesses prohibited from denying services based on one’s nationality, race, gender or skin color in Guangdong. Catering services, hair salons, hotel accommodation, local communities, medical services, parks, public transportation, renting, restaurants and shopping outlets are all examples.

Though the announcement said the government discourages any discriminatory behavior, officials did not comment on the random testing and government-mandated quarantine of foreigners with no COVID-19 related illnesses and had not recently traveled outside of Guangdong.

The announcement did not elaborate on the repercussions of businesses that discriminate. It encourages individuals who encounter this behavior to report it to the People’s Government of Guangdong’s Foreign Affairs Office 24-hour multilingual hotline 1258088.