Expand Your Chinese Music Playlist

Live shows will have to wait until after COVID-19, but that does not stop us from relishing in our love of music and discovering the latest hits. Look at what is going on in Chinese pop music and songs that climbed the charts in 2020 across provinces and megacities.

Yu Wo Wu Guan (与我无关) by Ar Rong (阿荣) is a soft-pop song which crosses language barriers. The song is about a love that was lost, and listeners can easily feel the emotions.

Rang Wo Kuai Le (让我快乐), a song flawlessly seemed together by Yang & Su KeyNG (杨和苏keyNG), is an anthem and a rap track mix that has gotten all ages to raise their lighters (or phones) and sing the chorus in mass unison. A brilliant track, it certainly deserves more than one play at a party.

Finally, there is IAN-T’s Beautiful, which was quickly covered by couples online in short video posts. Mellow, chill and sultry, the song is a laidback sofa trip while checking out your garden view and relaxing for the day.