Darren Zou Creates Time-Lapse Sketches

Darren Zou breathes life into his sketches, and those who are interested can see the evolution of his art on Douyin. He posts time-lapse videos of the creations from start to finish, gaining him 4.7 million likes on Douyin.

Zou’s sketches became famous in the Dongguan community, with people requesting he draw them.

“Now I get requests from boyfriends or girlfriends who want to give sketches as a gift, but not only for the sketch but for the videos,” he laughed.

He was unable to specify how many daily requests he gets for the sketches, but hired an account manager when the demand continued to grow.

He said on a good day he can do 20 sketches, which takes him about 20 to 30 minutes each. Zou has taken what he loves and transformed it into a business, which begs the question—what does he do for fun? He mentioned drawing and his business are fun but enjoys sketching in his free time what he sees around him.

Zou is from an artistic family—his grandfather was a Chinese calligraphy artist; his uncle was a sketch artist and so was his father. Zou has been drawing since he was 7 years old, with his first art memory being a scene of him drawing his father drawing his mother.

Zou has a studio in Vanke Mall, Wanjang, but has started consistently teaching classes online. Of course, art is a more innate skill for some than it is for others, but it is about how much someone practices, he said.

“I teach people to do face sketches and some bodies,” Zou said, adding anyone can learn how to draw.