All That Jazz and More

Blues, jazz or pop, Gin Hong from Dongguan does not limit his expertise on the piano.

Hong’s introduction to the piano was surprising and came from a burst of inspiration at 17 years old.

“I saw a concert poster of Jay Chou on the piano and thought: ‘Wow, I want to be like that’,” he said.

This was a revelation for Hong, because up to that point he did not know what he wanted to do in life. He admitted to not being good at school and said studies were difficult. He started the piano and never looked back. That was ten years ago. Hong went on to pursue a major in music theory.

He did not grow up in a musical family and is a “first-generation” musician, spending up to eight hours a day practicing. Hong does not have a favorite song but was quick to say Ray Charles is his favorite artist. He pulls most of his inspiration from Charles’ style, which is heard after listening to Hong play.

He knows all genres, but blues and pop are his favorites. Like most pianists, he learned through classical music and considered himself proficient at the piano four years after learning.

“Six years ago is when I really knew how to play with music… After I studied jazz and blues is when I started to really play with music,” Hong said.

Hong can be seen playing, with his jazz band, The Leg Signals, in Humen at Cross Road. They have also performed shows in Shenzhen. The band writes and records original songs which are available on QQ Music.