A Boss Lady With a Helping Heart

Meet a successful businesswoman who is expanding her ventures and has a unique hobby.

Upon meeting Christine Liu at Matti Bistrot in Dongcheng, her demeanor was welcoming as she often waved “hello” to those who passed by the restaurant’s patio where she sat.

Liu is the owner and operator of three of Dongguan’s most recognizable eating establishments: Maccheroni by Salvatore, Matti Bistrot (in Dongcheng) and Maccheroni Italian Restaurant in Houjie. She also got her start by owning a trading company and worked for years in both industries. She opened another restaurant in Beijing just before the 2008 Olympics.

“We were one of 20 restaurants that got permission to open in Beijing before the Olympics. It was very difficult to get all the licenses at that time,” Liu said.

After the Beijing Television Cultural Center fire in 2009, buildings in the city had to be fitted with fire-resistant material. That was when she decided to move all her operations to Dongguan.

“At that time, we already had the Houjie restaurant and a trading company, so we decided to close Beijing and give the shop back to the owner,” Liu said.

She later got out of the trading business to fully commit to the other projects she had going on.

Liu is known for her friendly behavior which she credits as the reason for having successful business operations, adding that her workers have been with the restaurant (Maccheroni) for more than 10 years. Helping and working as a bridge to connect people is what brings her joy, and she called helping friends a hobby.

“I like to help friends. You understand? So here is a place where friends help each other,” she said, and does not care if a profit is involved, especially during COVID-19.

She openly admitted pinpointing where she is from is complicated to answer and has ties to several places in China.

“I was born in Guangzhou, grew up in Hunan and went to university there, after which I came back to Guangzhou. Now my ID is Taiwanese,” she explained.

On top of that, Liu holds estates in Australia, Italy and Spain, is an avid traveler and is looking to expand her business ventures in real estate. Her interest in Australia occurred when her son was preparing to go to university. Her daughter studied in Seattle, Washington, at 16 years old, and the time difference was difficult. Australia shares a time zone with China, which made the distance for Liu easier. A friend introduced her to an area in Perth, where Liu bought land and started developing it for apartments.

She tries to find the perfect balance between her international affairs and expanding the ones in Dongguan.

“I have a gym, Roar Fitness, and we are planning to open a clinic,” Liu said.

She is also working on opening a cooking school in Dongcheng that focuses on various types of food. In 2019 Liu received an award from the city in recognition of her business achievements.