Saving Gabriel – Live Updates

Gabriel Rezer Buttner, a 9-year-old expat from Brazil, was diagnosed with Philadelphia chromosome positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia (Ph+all leukemia) on February 18, 2020.

On this page we will continue to post updates about Gabriel’s treatment and condition as well medical bills and donations the family is receiving.

To read about Gabriel’s story, click HERE.

April 1 Update

Gabriel’s leukemia is in remission and he has completed his first round of treatment. This was the goal of the induction chemotherapy, meaning the leukemia cells are no longer found in the bone marrow samples, and the blood count is back to normal.

Gabriel got to go home for a couple of days, and the family had a celebration for him being home and the good news on his test results, as well as a late birthday party.

“The doctors were excellent. The hand of God, our prayers and donations were all of great importance,” Barbara Rezer-Buttner, Gabriel’s sister, said.

Remission does not mean he is cured but provides some good news for the healing process and means the treatment Gabriel underwent worked and the body accepted the medicine.

Gabriel will soon start the second round of treatment. The second phase includes more chemotherapy. All of this is to treat/control the disease and prepare the body to receive a bone marrow transplant. Before this is possible, he still needs to find a compatible bone marrow donor.

The family is urging people to sign up (not to donate at this time) as bone marrow donors, because the more people who sign up the bigger the chances of finding a match. Individuals can sign up to donate at any blood donation center in Dongguan by request.

March 7 Update

Message from Gabriel

Gabriel wanted to make a video to thank everyone for your kindness, and our family would also like to thank everyone who have helped us in the past few days. We feel very emotional and overwhelmed with the support we’ve been receiving from our community. There is no new news today, he is still undergoing chemotherapy at Kanghua Hospital. Today he is beginning to feel sick with strong drugs, but he is strong and can overcome this situation. God bless everyone!

Gabriel queria fazer um vídeo para agradecer a todos por sua gentileza, e nossa família também gostaria de agradecer a todos que nos ajudaram nos últimos dias. Nos sentimos muito emocionados e impressionados com o apoio que recebemos de nossa comunidade. Não há novidades hoje, ele ainda está em quimioterapia no Hospital Kanghua. Hoje ele está começando a ficar meio enjoado com os remédios fortes, mas ele é forte e pode superar essa situação. Deus abençoe a todos!

加布里埃尔想制作一个视频感谢大家的好意,我们的家庭也对所有帮助我们的人表示感谢。 我们收到了来自社区的支持, 感到非常激动不知所措。今天没有新的消息,他仍然在康华医院进行化疗。 今天他开始对强壮的药物感到恶心,但是他很强壮并且可以克服这种情况。 上帝保佑!

To donate money towards the family’s growing medical bills, please scan one of the below QR codes. The family is setting up official donation channels, we will update as soon as we have the links.

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  1. Yakun. Bai

    This is Jenica’ Mom. Jenica just joined in TLC this semester. She is in class 8B. We Feel sorry for you, But from your video i can tell for sure that you are a brave boy, we pray that God heal you. 300 Yuan’s donation is really much, but we want you to know that many people stand with you. You are not alone. JIAYOU.