Offering More Than Pizza

Pizzeria Calzone is famous for their award-winning pizzas, but their menu offers so much more.

Pizzeria Calzone gives a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere to its diners. Chef and owner Miguel Alves is passionate about all the food being made inhouse, from the preparation of the starters to the dessert menu.

I was greeted by Paulo Alves, the restaurant manager. He has a welcoming style and a way of reading customers.

“Each customer is different. Some come often and know what they want, but others want to experience new things,” he said.

A Venetian salad was my starter: a delectable combination of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, kidney beans and feta cheese all lightly drizzled with olive oil and vinegar.

Venetian Salad

Pizzeria Calzone is in the process of developing a new menu, and I got a sneak-peek at one of their new dishes. Paulo said the team has not decided on a name for the dish, but when it arrived, it was a heavenly combination of mozzarella Caprese and Parma ham.

I was surprised by three popular main courses. The tagliatta di filetto was 250 grams of premium sliced tenderloin on a bed of arugula and homemade fries. Each slice boasted a pink center that melts in the mouth.

Tagliatta di Filetto

Next up was the chicken parmigiana—an Italian-style chicken breast topped with a tomato sauce and baked parmesan cheese, served with grilled vegetables. The breaded chicken maintained the crunch with the sauce and cheese and was juicy on the inside.

The final main was the Italian meatballs: four massive meatballs covered in a homemade tomato sauce and served with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. The meatballs had a sturdy consistency and oozed flavor.

I opted to sample the New York style cheesecake, panna cotta Romana and the Belgium chocolate mousse. The mousse was light, fluffy and not overpoweringly sweet. The cheesecake was smooth and rich, topped with a strawberry sauce. The panna cotta Romana was topped with a strawberry sauce, as well, and had a silky-sweet texture.

New York Cheesecake

Pizzeria Calzone is not only known for their pizzas but offers a plethora of other options and soon new favorites.

Customer Comment by Mike Flynn:
“I have been here three times in the past two weeks. The food is good, and I feel safe about it.”