Know the Layers to Eggs Benedict

I am not familiar with eggs benedict and have only had it a couple of times. After doing research, I found it is not a simple dish to make, especially the Hollandaise sauce.

I thought about who could teach me how to make it, and Chef Pepper Wang from THREEDROPS On Garden came to mind immediately. The location is known for their all-day breakfast options, and at one point he mentioned he would love to teach me how to cook a few dishes.

At THREEDROPS, we went back to the kitchen, where Pepper had the ingredients ready.

I started with the Hollandaise sauce, a key part to eggs benedict. I whisked together three egg yolks and water at 75°C by holding the bowl above the stove (not directly on) and stirring. I added a pinch of salt, vinegar, fresh lemon juice and melted butter and whisked until it was smooth. Be sure to mix the sauce quickly and do not have the stove too hot; otherwise, the yolk will cook, and clumps will form in the sauce.

I set the sauce to the side and moved on to the poached eggs. For this I mixed vinegar in a pot of boiling water and stirred it in one direction before slowly adding two eggs (one at a time). I took the eggs out after a couple of minutes and put them on a dry paper towel and removed the excess water.

I cut an English muffin in half and toasted it until golden brown. Finally, it was time to put everything together. I did not realize there were so many layers to eggs benedict.

First it was the English muffin, followed by an avocado paste and fresh avocado, then salmon lox (Chef Pepper’s personal spin) and finally the poached eggs. It does not end there. The eggs are each topped with a spoonful of sauce.

The Hollandaise sauce was the most challenging step, with getting the process and ingredients just right. I am proud to say I impressed Chef Pepper, and he gave me 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. He believed the Hollandaise sauce could have been a little bit saltier.

Make it Yourself

1. Heat 3 tablespoons of water at 75°C and whisk with two egg yolks. Add a pinch of salt, vinegar, fresh lemon juice and melted butter. Whisk together quickly until smooth. Set aside.

2. Add a dash of vinegar to a pot of boiling water. Stir the water to create a funnel. Add the two eggs one at a time and stir slowly. Remove eggs after three minutes. Place on a paper towel to remove excess water.

3. Cut an English muffin in half and toast in the oven until golden brown.

4. Layer the ingredients with the muffin open on the bottom, followed by a spinach leaf, avocado paste, fresh avocado, salmon lox, poached egg and a spoonful of Hollandaise sauce.