Have a Conversation Through Art

Brittan Aebischer is an American artist, aestheticist, curator, community art leader, designer and art educator living and working in Dongguan, whose art featured at several locations around the city.

Aebischer, from Idaho, U.S., arrived in China eight years ago and worked at Quality Schools International (QSI) in Shenzhen teaching middle school art for five years. Since then he founded the International Shenzhen Artist Forum (ISZAF), sponsoring workshops, group shows and cultural art events in China.

“My work usually includes paint as a transforming agent or binder. I love layering found objects with paint and ink into an ensemble or collage type thing. The last show, META, really focused on the physical nature of this: painting being sculpture and sculpture being painting. I love the dichotomy of the two.”

He admitted to an obsession of “transforming everyday public space with as little as possible” to change how people see the space, and is excited to be in the environment to make the process happen.

“I would say my work is attempting to ask how I establish meaning and value in my work. I have been obsessed with this question of self-legitimacy or self-justification. I am fascinated by the questions of ontology and particularly how objects, ideas, people, humans obtain value and meaning,” Aebischer thoughtfully said.

Aebischer’s art is graphic, surreal, cathartic and intellectualized, focusing on the abstract parts of reality. Looking to connect with the public in many different ways, he works on having multiple visual conversations. He uses a lot of found objects in his work, and he views painting as a form of sculpture.