Go For Old-School Drinks at NFC

Visit a local bar which is reminiscent of the early 90s with Hong Kong style.

Chinese bar owners have attempted many times to attract foreign customers over the years, but so far, few have really clicked with the community. There may be plenty of reasons for this.

Foreign and Chinese drinking cultures are different, and bars catering to Chinese customers typically create an atmosphere that can be intimidating to foreigners. Eddie, over at New Friends Company (NFC) bar, is looking to change that.

Most Chinese bars looking to attract foreigners make cocktails that are delicious, yet obscenely over-priced. NFC makes great cocktails, and the prices are so reasonable you could probably afford more than one.

I told Eddie I liked whiskey, so the first drink I had was a Whiskey Sour. It was made with rye whiskey, lemon juice and an egg white, which provided a heavy, creamy, satisfying experience.

Whiskey Sour

While drinking the Whiskey Sour, I thought about the next drink being an Old Fashioned, and it was! When the bartender can read your mind, you know you are in a good place. The Old Fashioned was spot on, fitting for a chilly winter night. The third drink was something I had never heard of, Penicillin. It had rye whiskey, lemon juice, orange bitters and single malt Islay Scotch. The Scotch really came out in this drink. Get this one to impress your whiskey snob friends.

Old Fashioned

NFC, while centrally located, meters from Dongcheng Road, is hard to find. Your GPS puts you right on top of the location, but you will not find it. Look up. It is hidden on the second floor of a dark, nondescript building.


Often, these types of bars have a serious feel to them, with bartenders in bowties. The kinds of places you feel you should whisper to your friends. NFC has a fun atmosphere. Imagine finding yourself in the early 90s Hong Kong. Disco music fills the space, neon lights hang on the walls, and they have a beer selection with three price tiers ranging from teacher-friendly to high-rolling factory tycoon.

NFC is fun and will not break the bank. It is in the perfect location to add to your barhop list. When you get there, remember to look up.

Customer comment  by Kun Ming
“It’s Hong Kong decor with a nice environment for friends to talk.”