Get Crafty With Art at Home Ideas

The past two months of isolation offered time for self-discovery. Continue to find your inner artist with these at home art projects.

Masks are still needed when in public, so why not add style by making your own when lounging around the house. Cut two pieces of 15 cm x 20 cm fabric, fold in half (wrong side out), iron the folds and stitch the sides. Measure two strips of elastic to the back of your head and sew an end of elastic to each corner of the mask. Cut a slit on the inside fabric to add cotton and tissue for filtration. Be sure to change filtration and wash the mask regularly.

Your wine bottles are starting to pile up, so turn one into a decorative piece. Start by removing the labels, then paint the bottle with a fun design or your favorite color and leave it to dry. Take a roll of twine and tie the end to the top of the bottle and wrap it tightly around the neck to give it a homey/rustic look. Glue both ends to the bottle for extra security