Gabriel Completes Successful First Round of Treatment

Ten-year-old Dongguan expat Gabriel Rezer-Buttner’s leukemia is in remission after being diagnosed in February and undergoing his first round of treatment. This was the goal of the induction chemotherapy, meaning the leukemia cells are no longer found in the bone marrow samples and the blood count is back to normal.

Gabriel got to go home for a couple of days. The family had a celebration for him being home and his test results, as well as a late birthday party.

Remission does not mean he is cured but provides some good news for the healing process and means the treatment Gabriel underwent worked, with the body accepting the medicine.
“The doctors were excellent. The hand of God, our prayers and donations were all of great importance,” Barbara Rezer-Buttner, Gabriel’s sister said.

Gabriel will soon start the second round of treatment. The second phase includes more chemotherapy. All of this is to treat/control the disease and prepare the body to receive a bone marrow transplant. Before this is possible, he needs a compatible bone marrow donor.

The family is urging people to sign up (not to donate at this time) as bone marrow donors, because the more people who sign up the bigger the chances of finding a match. Individuals can sign up to donate at any blood donation center in Dongguan by request.