A Look Behind Mask Productions

Face mask manufacturing is a lucrative business during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Established companies, such as BYD Auto Company and Gree Electronic Appliance, have converted production lines to make face masks.

Dongguan face mask factories resumed work as early as the second day of the Chinese New Year. Clean Era Dongguan and Winmail Dongguan produced 50,000 face masks daily in late January and early February while Dongguan Bida Medical Technology company made 120,000 masks daily.

A company based in Shatian developed a special material to produce a melt-blown fabric which is the core of face mask productions. At full capacity, the material they produce daily is enough to make at least 20 million face masks. Good news followed on March 19 with Songshan Lake Material Laboratory developing a new kind of nanofiber, which has a high filtration rate and is low in cost. It can be used for face masks and protection suits.