Two Month Visa Extension is Real (Live Update)

UPDATE: HERE! Accounting and Visa Adviser, Cathy Zhang, spoke with immigration officers at the Dongguan Public Security Bureau (the “visa place”) and Shenzhen Exit-Entry Administration officers and received various answers regarding the extent of the new visa renewal policy. They confirmed the policy applies to ALL visa types; however, the policy depends on an individual’s overstay situation when it comes to business and tourist visas.

From the information gathered, if the border control is satisfied with the COVID-19 related reason for overstaying, you will be fine. What is satisfactory to border control was not clear during questioning.

HERE! is still waiting on answers to other questions related to the visa renewal policy.

Visa Extension Announced

The Public Security Exit-Entry Administration announced a two-month visa renewal policy for foreigners during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“A renewal application is not needed to get the two-month extension,” Liu Haitao, director of the Border Management Division, said at a press conference on Sunday, March 1.

While this announcement offers some relief to foreigners whose visas are coming to an end or those with a multiple entry visas, with time restrictions on days in China, the extent to which visas are covered was not clear.

China Visa

The following information comes from the Entry and Exit Administration and the National Immigration Administration Bureau.

What we know:

  • Foreigners are automatically granted a two-month visa renewal during COVID-19. This applies to business and work visas.
  • Those on a business visa with limited days per stay are automatically granted an extension on their current stay by 60 days.
  • If your visa expires while out of China, the policy does not apply.

HERE! will continue to bring you updates from official sources. Stay tuned!