Taste Amazing Foods From Balkan Deli

Try favorite Balkan inspired foods such as premium sausages, smoked meats and zakuska from Balkan Deli. Florian Benchea, from Romania, opened Balkan Deli in Shenzhen in 2014 as a side gig after he began importing wine.

“I started to make sausages, then people started to ask for more. So, I started to make hams, then preserves,” Benchea said.

It continued from there—as demand grew so did his business. He said there are no added chemicals, preservatives or meat substitutes in the food he makes. The menu includes bread, cheese, pate, preserves, sausages, smoked meats and wine all with Balkan origins and flavors. The foods are perfect for barbecues or family gatherings. Benchea admits all the items on the menu are very popular but highlighted the Romanian kebabs and barbecue options.

There is not a physical store, and all orders are taken through his online shop.

Scan the QR code to browse the online shop and have Balkan Deli delivered to your door. Deliveries are through SF and orders arrive in one to two days.