Speaking as a Source of Inspiration

Zhang Zao’er (章早儿) is a 37-yearold influential speaker with 34,549 followers on Weibo. She is dedicated to conveying positive messages to her audience in Dongguan by sharing her stories online. She became well-known from her inspirational speeches, especially the one about the education of single-parent families. She was featured on the famous national TV program called I’m Speaker (我是演说家).

“Even if we have encountered many difficulties, I believe that we can still control our vanity, stand the ordinary and endure the pain because after all, we can still find the best attitude to live.” Zhang said in her speech Ren Sheng, Mei You Jue Dui De Sheng Li (人生,没有绝对的胜利) during her National University Tour.

She delivered the speech to almost 1 million students. She is the author of Ni Shi Wo Sheng Ming Yong Yuan De Zhu Jue (你是我生命永远的主角) in which she tells people they will always be an important part of someone’s life.

Zhang draws from her experiences of coming from a single-parent household, being a single-parent herself and her fight with cancer. Her stories inspire her followers and the people around her.