See a Small but Mighty Town

Shilong, the smallest town in Dongguan, drew national attention by ranking as one of the Top 1,000 Strongest National Towns in China in October 2019.

Shilong takes up an area of just 13.83 square kilometers and is situated along the middle and lower reaches of Dongjiang (river). An old legend says a dragon lived under the waters in Dongjiang and wound its way from the upper stream to the lower stream until it lingered in Shilong. It turned the land into a friendly place for people to live. Based on a shell mound found along Dongjiang, historians know there were human settlements in Shilong about 3,500 years ago. The shell mound was found in August 1994 and is one of the best-preserved shell mounds of the Neolithic Age discovered in Guangdong.

In Shilong Jinsha Bay Square, you can admire Shilong’s history and culture depicted and carved on 1,100 pieces of stones. The stone carving is 100 meters long and 6 meters tall, weighing more than 1,700 tons.

That is one of many reasons why Shilong became the first and only “National Historical and Cultural Town” in Dongguan.

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